I want to fall in love with a woman who isn’t interested in my money – Young businessman laments over lack of genuine love

A young handsome businessman known as Femi Golden on Twitter, has taken to social media to launch his search for true and genuine love from a woman who will not be into him for his money.

He said he wishes to fall in love with an amazing woman who will love him for who he is and not what he has.

Femi owns his own phone/gadgets store, and logistics company located in Lagos.

According to him, the only thing missing in life life at the moment is genuine love but modern day girls just want a love that comes with material possessions and things that are beneficial to them.

He tweeted;

”The only missing in my life rn is genuine love. I really want to fall in love with an amazing woman, someone who isn’t interested in the money, but loves me for who i am exactly. These girls just want love that’s beneficial for them, fvck y’all!”

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