List of Female Ex-BBNaija Stars that were Disqualified from the Reality Show (Photos)

Ever since the Big Brother Naija reality show kicked off few years back, a lot of BBNaija housemates have either been evicted, crowned winners or even disqualified from the show due to their behaviors displayed in the house. And so, I have decided to enlighten Nigerians on not only the former female housemates that were eliminated from their different editions, but also the reasons why such moves were made against them in the show.

The Big Brother Naija reality show have since its inception in 2006, produced a lot of stars who are currently making waves in the various sectors of the entertainment industry. However, many of such stars were never crowned winners of their various editions, but they had to utilize such opportunity towards making sure that their fans around the world are continually thrilled with their talents.

And so, while some of such former housemates were either evicted from the house or crowned as winners of their different editions, others ended up getting a disqualification from the management of the reality show. Disqualifying a housemate in the BBnaija house is very rare, as one must have engaged in series of violent attacks and arguments to earn an elimination from Biggie.

A housemate of the BBNaija ‘Level Up’ season 7 reality show ended up receiving a disqualification from Biggie few hours ago, which made me to write this article on the list of former female BBNaija stars that were disqualified from their different editions of the reality show.

List of former female BBNaija stars that were disqualified from the show include;

1. Khloe ;

former housemate of the BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’ reality show, Khloe, is on the list of female BBNaija stars that were disqualified from the show. The 2018 show was filled with lots of fun and excitement, following how strategic it was (housemates were paired to each other).

Khloe was paired with her fellow housemate, K. Brule, which was not seen as a good pairing by the fans of the show, as both persons displayed their controversial lifestyles through out their stay in the BBnaija house. Khloe had already gotten two strikes from Biggie for making use of abusive words against her fellow housemate, but ended up being disqualified from the show after her partner, K. Brule, received a third strike for verbally abusing his fellow housemate and threatening to physically harm him.

1. Tacha ;

BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ season 4 show was filled with so much tense and anticipation, following the level of eargerness displayed by the housemates, in making sure that they emerge the winner of such show. However, just like the edition of the show was tagged, Tacha ended up venting her anger at her fellow housemate, Mercy Eke.

Tacha unlike others, was unable to control her anger, despite the attempts of her fellow housemates to calm her down, as she ended up receiving a disqualification from Biggie for getting into a brawl with Mercy Eke.

3. Erica Nlewedim ;

BBNaija ‘Lock Down’ reality show did not end without a disqualification from Biggie. Erica Nlewedim who was one of the many housemates in the house, was liked by many persons outside the show because of how beautiful and fun-filled she was when the show kicked off.

However, things turned sideways for Erica when she started having issues with her fellow housemate, Laycon. Erica received several strikes from Biggie, for commiting series of offenses in the house and ended up getting a disqualification after she threatened to deal with Laycon when the show was over.

4. Beauty ;

BBNaija ‘Level Up’ housemate, Beauty Tukura, is the last BBNaija star that got disqualified from the season 7 reality show.

Beauty had received two strikes from Biggie over her use of abusive words against her colleagues in the house, but ended up receiving a third strike and ultimately a disqualification after she engaged in a brawl with her partner, Groovy, over claims that he danced with Chomzy during a party held in the house on Saturday.

With less than 2 months remaining before the BBNaija season 7 reality show finally ends, who do you think will either be evicted or disqualified from the house?.