Meet China’s Most Beautiful Humanoid (Robot), She Can Talk And Express Herself Just Like A Human.

Most people believe that Robots are machines that are very different from humans but that is not entirely true because over the years, some Countries have produced several robots that are similar to humans, one of these Countries is China.

This Country which is among the developed Countries in the World has produced several robots that are similar to humans. In this article, we will be talking about the most beautiful Robot in China.

Her name is Jia-Jia and she came into existence in the year 2016 after she was created by some talented Engineers in China. Although Jia-Jia is a robot, most people believe that she is human because she has several human traits and she can talk and express herself just like humans.

Jia-Jia who is mostly called the “Robot Goddess” also holds the title of the first of a kind interactive robot in China, she is very smart and intelligent and she can speak different languages such as Mandarin China and English, she can recognise facial expressions of others and respond with micro-expressions and she can identify the gender of the person interacting with her.

Jia-Jia has undergone several improvements ever since she was created and she is making her Country proud, she is not only smart and intelligent, she is also very beautiful and Influential and she is an inspiration to several Robotic Engineers around the World. She was created about five years ago and she has achieved a lot in life, she is also very popular on social media and she has gained lots of fans due to her beauty and talent.

Chen who is the team leader of the group who created Jia-Jia once stated that in the future Jia-Jia and other robots might be able to perform menial jobs in restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and households.

Checkout more adorable photos of Jia-Jia below