Most Dangerous Places To Visit In The World

Many places in the world are attraction sites for tourists. However, there are places in the world that are not tourist- friendly, some even closed to visitation.

Here they are …

1. Death Road

Death Road was given the name because of it\’s extremely dangerous nature – it has fog, waterfalls, landslides in each turn. Until 1994, about 300 drivers were killed every year, justifying the name given the road.


The name of the road is originally North Yungas Road – it links La Paz and the Yungas region of Bolivia.

2. Snake Island

Snake island is an island occupied by the most dangerous specie of snakes in the world – the lancehead golden snakes (pit viper species).


The original name of the island is Ilha Da Quiemada Grande.

The island is closed to the public – as a way of preserving life and preserving the specie.

3. Death Valley

Death Valley is a desert valley on the border of Nevada and California. It is extremely hot – one of the hottest places on Earth.


4. Danakil Desert

Danakil desert is a volcanically active desert in Eritrea. There is presence of toxic gas not favorable to humans such that even if you stay here for just a short period of time, you can get really sick in an unexpected way.

5. Lake Natron

Situated in Northern Tanzania, this lake has very high levels of Natron (sodium bicarbonate decahydrate) which makes the water very dangerous to human skin and eyes. Even as the lake looks beautiful, the strong odor of the gas won\’t let you admire the colorful blend for long.

6. Valley of death, Kamchatka, Russia

High concentrations of toxic gases found in this area pose a serious threat to every living thing – plants and animals die quickly, while people get to start feeling sick with fever and dizziness.

7. Gates of hell – Door to hell

Originally known as The Turkmenistan Darvaz Gas Crater, this place is a natural gas field within an underground cave – Geologists set it on fire to prevent methane gas from spreading, and it has been burning since 1971.

8. Skeleton Coast

Skeleton coast is spread from the South of Angola to the North of Namibia. It stretched from the Kunene River (south) to the Swakop river.

It is one of the most deadliest places on Earth because it offers almost no chance of survival with its harsh weather, and very hot winds.

It is called the Skeleton Coast because of the remains of bones of numerous animals (whales, elephants, turtles) found there, giving the place a sour appearance.

9. Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon is a small village located in the Oymyakonsky district in Russia.

This place is considered to be one of the most dangerous places because it is very cold. Therefore, it is very difficult to survive here as no food can be grown here too.

10. The Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

What we would describe as a \’false Paradise\’ , the Bikini Atoll was once used for numerous nuclear testing programs that turned the island of Bikini into a radioactive wasteland.

It became a threat to life and the inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes. The abnormally high level of radiation recorded here can cause cancer.



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