Muslim Boy Gives His Girlfriend $1000 For Cooking For Him During Ramadan [Video]

Since yesterday. #ArewaTwitter has been trending on the micro blogging app after some Northern youths took to the app to share photos as they celebrated Eid Mubarak.

Most of the photos of fashionable young northeners they shared, were either taken while standing close to their exotic cars packed in the garage or them posing in a private jet.


Some Nigerians felt humiliated by their show-off and were forced into asking God when he will bless them like this.

Some even claimed that they are the richest and, at the same time, the poorest in Nigeria.

Those from the southern part of Nigeria accused them of enjoying government money, looted funds and oil money.


The one that broke the camel\’s back was a video of an Arewa boy giving his girlfriend $1000 which is apparently #390,000 for just waking up to cook after 30 days of their fasting.

Watch the video below


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