Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph attacks a lady for tagging her husband in a post

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph recently clashed with an Instagram user who tagged her husband to post on the photo-sharing App.

The social media user had wanted to tag a Cameroonian artist identified as Fhish but instead tagged Realmcfish.

This angered the actress, who took to the lady’s DM to question why she tagged her husband to a post.

The lady who was afraid to face the actress ran to her elder sister, who slammed Anita Joseph in her DM for allegedly making her sister cry.

Anita Joseph was slammed for acting insecure about her husband’s activities on social media.

This generated mixed reactions among Instagram users;

towchy_: She asked a very polite question.. why did you tag my husband? It won’t take her anything to reply her with “ Oh I’m sorry, it was a mistake, i’ll correct it right away” story ends.. what’s the need of sending the screenshot to your sister to go and insult her again?? On top her husband una go de display una level of stupidity..!!! Or you did that just Becos you want a screenshot to trend with?? Yeye de smell

shoe_merchant1: How did she(Anita) attack the lady bikonu??? The poster is just looking for cheap silly attention. Why did you tag my hubby was a question that required an answer or better still ignore the question but you defender of the oppressor, you just dey find ways to milk out trouble.

weightloss_abuja: Truly that’s insecurity at its peak. Nawaoh

mrgk244: Anita is insecure she nor trust wetin she get for house. Forget all this social Media love.MC fish na cheater and she knows it,person wen dey MC for club😂😂😂 Anita nor want social media ranting, na why she dey insecure with wetin she get for house.😂😂😂