See what I found under the bed of my husband after his death

The night my husband died, I slept beside his corpse in our bed. All night. This wasn’t exactly by choice. The funeral home did not retrieve bodies after 8 p.m., and there was no other bed available for me to sleep in, as all our children were home to help care for their father.

I tell this story whenever I discuss the realities of dying at home. Even as a physician assistant, I did not appreciate the challenges — or the immense rewards — of caring for my husband at home until his death.

My husband was a very good and a kind man, he took care of the need of so many people to himself all alone. Me and the kids loved him so much, we lived and had a happy family. The death of my husband came as a surprise to me and my children. We cried for days, it was a painful exit.

After his funeral(burial rite) and Thanksgiving service in the church,we thank everyone that came to sympathize with us.

After his death we vacated his room. On this faithful day about 3 weeks after my husband death I worked into his room and found a strange objects under his bed. I was shock and terrified,I ran away from the room and called to my children.

I have never seen something like that anyway inside his room.

We got help from a pastor who prayed and burnt the strange objects.

He told me and my children that my husband was a member of a secret society. That object came to torment me and my children. We thank and praised God for rescuing us. I parked out of the house because I had a house that I built with my hard earn money,How I’m a physician assistant.

I was disappointed in my husband why because he deceived me.

Please ladies and men make sure you know your spouse very well.


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