See Why you should stop eating Okra soup as a Man

Studies have shown that although nutritious, okro can lead to reproductive-age men being infertile.

Okro, Abelmoschus esculentus, a flowering plant of the mallow family, known as ladies\’ fingers or okwuru in Igbo. It is a vegetable of warm season, and a good source of minerals , vitamins, antioxidants , and fiber. It contains a sticky juice which is used by people to thicken sauces.

However, okra consumption , especially its seeds, may be inimical to the sexual life of men, as it may lead to infertility. Dr Ochuko Erikainure, a senior research officer at the Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO), Lagos, Nigeria corroborates this.

According to Dr. Erukanire, okra possesses a unique substance called \’Gossypol,\’ which inhibits sperm production and motility by blocking several highly important enzymes in the energy metabolism in cells producing sperm and sperm.


\’Gossypol is oil-soluble, and contains plant-secreted natural polyphenol as a defense against predators,\’ he said.

In China and Brazil, some clinical research has been conducted regarding the effectiveness of gossypol as a contraceptive.

The studies revealed that gossypol reduced sperm count and motility and completely made small percentage of men infertile.


Gossypol may also cause menstrual irregularity in women, and is associated with hypokalemia that damages red blood cells.

Okra is not generally recommended to persons with the following conditions in higher amounts: anaemic persons, athletes, women with irregular menses and infertile men undergoing treatment.


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