Still Remember Kid Dancer Amarachi Dance? See How She Looks Now

How time flies. Children grow so fast, in a way that is incomprehensible by man. Indeed, God is wonderful.

I am sure most of you still remember the popular kid singer and dancer who goes by the stage name Amarachi Dance. In this article, I will be sharing photos of how she looks now. Stay tuned.

Amarachi Uyanne, popularly known as Amarachi Dance, was born on 17th July, 2004. She is currently 16 years old. She is a Nigerian child singer, dancer and violinist. She is an indigene of Imo State, but she grew up in Delta State.

She became so famous after winning the maiden edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent. The first debut single she released was titled “Amarachi Dance.” She has also released another song titled “Ova Sabi.” She currently runs the Amarachi Talent Academy, a talent school conceived with the aim of nurturing and training young children with musical and dance talents. Amarachi is so talented and gifted. She has achieved so much already even at her young age.

Below are photos of how she looks now:

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