What A Caring Daughter – Rudeboy’s Daughter Nadia Checking Her Father’s Temperature From Facetime

Paul Okoye, Rudeboy‘s twin girl Nadia is just caring and funny as she tries to check her father’s temperature on facetime to see if he’s okay.

Recall Rudeboy tested positive to Covid-19 a few weeks ago but fortunately for him, his family is with him as they are still on vacation in Dubai.

During facetime with his family, his daughter Nadia being so caring and funny as well tried to check her father’s temperature to see if he’s alright.

This little gesture from Nadia shows how much she cares about her father and it’s not surprising because they click so well even more than her brothers.

Rudeboy being overwhelmed by what his daughter did share it on his InstaStory laughing at how busily she was trying to check his temperature during facetime

screenshot below;