Wife Allegedly Poured Acid And Electrocuted Her Husband (Insp. Of Nigerian Police)

Wife of Inspector of Police Dan Dan Matakaya Mwaka has been granted bail after she has been alleged to have bathed the husband with acid.

According to a narration by Insp. Mr. Mwaka, his current state of blindness is a result of a normal argument between himself and the wife.

In a narration he said one day, there was what seems as a normal couple argument over house issue and he left for work.

As a police officer, he has a night shift and returned back home around 5: 30 am and went straight to bed to catch some rest.

The moment he was sleeping, the wife already has to put up her plans to destroying his life at that moment.

The wife poured water on the floor, came to where he was sleeping and poured acid on his face, electrocuted the water on the floor and run away.

As soon as he got up, he fell into the electrocuted water then he started calling for help as he cant see anything.

Neighbors upon hearing the screaming rushed in, off the plug and rushed him to the hospital to save his live.

His life is saved but his eyes are blind forever

His wife was later arrested, but released later on bail. As a wife, he says has been forgiven but he is not going to abandon the charges against her.