Woman Who Lied To Her Husband She Was Going To Visit Her Mother Killed By Her Boyfriend She Visited

Should a married woman ever liep to her husband? The answer is no, it’s totally wrong to do a thing like that in marriage.

I’m very sure many of us have read the story of a married woman who was killed by her ritualist boyfriend she had gone to visit in Ogun State.

The victim, Abosede Iyanda had gone to visit her ex boyfriend Segun Olaniyi, a native doctor to seek financial assistance from him to support her business on the day she was killed.

Segun Olaniyi who hails from Osun state was said to have arranged with his friends to kill Abosede and sell her entire body part for the sum of 90,000.

The killers sold her body parts to their clients, including Islamic clerics and a pastor who wanted to do money rituals, City Round have learnt.

“I called Akanbi and we killed her beside my house. I carried the head, two hands and part of the flesh. I sold the head for N40,000 to one man called Africa. I sold one hand to an orthodox doctor known as Muyideen for N15,000 and the other hand to one Tonight for N15,000. I sold the flesh for N10,000 to one Alfa called Sunday Akinyemi while Rasaq and Mustafa paid N5,000 each.


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