10 Countries Nigerians Can Travel To By Road.



Traveling to Cotonou and other cities in the Republic of Benin is a normal daily activity between Nigerian Benin’s. Travelers from Nigeria cross the border every minute from the South West to the northern states, road users travel very frequently regardless of border bottlenecks. For ordinary people living around the border area, it is a normal routine, crossing from side to side. Depending on your starting point, Lagos, Kano or Sokoto, you can get a commercial vehicle direct to the Republic of Benin without difficulty and at a cheaper cost.


2. TOGO:

Take off from Lagos, just bypass Cotonou and you are in Lomé. Regardless of the long distance, many Nigerian traders prefer to obtain goods from Togo than Benin Republic due to Togo’s low tax rates. Meet at Mile Two car park in Lagos, you will definitely get direct transportation to Lome, Togo.




Ghana has long been a preferred destination for many Nigerians, more and more Nigerians are getting to Ghana using road transport without too many obstacles. Due to the type of business and commodities they engage in, you cannot prescribe any other alternative mode of transportation. luxurious buses pass through the Lagos and Accra route on a daily bases.




Before air transport came into operation, many Nigerians traveled by road to Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast. A city in the South West called Ejigbo town has a special vehicle fleet dedicated to passengers traveling to Abidjan. It was so popular and reliable that almost every Nigerian who travel to Ivory Coast never thought of an alternative.



Traveling from Lagos to Ouagadougou and other cities in Burkina Faso Israel easier and faster if you travel by private vehicle, however, since the majority of travelers use commercial transport, the best connection should Whether you are in Ivory Coast or passing through northern Ghana, getting to Ouagadougou from Ghana is becoming increasingly popular these days.




Due to the civil war in Liberia and Nigeria’s involvement in the conflict, many businessmen travel by road to the country to transport essential items needed by the unfortunate Liberians, after which road transport to Liberia has become popular. Now you can easily get direct commercial vehicles from Lagos to Monrovia daily. For the majority of traders in Lagos, traveling to Monrovia by road is the only option with no alternative.



You can take a luxurious bus or private car directly from Lagos to Freetown and get there in less than 24 hours. Freetown is a popular destination for Nigerian road travelers as Sierra Leone is a Commonwealth country, English is widely spoken.




A large and peaceful neighbor of Sierra Leone can easily be connected by road from Nigeria via Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia or Sierra Leone. Although Sierra Leone presents you with the best choice, it is up to you to choose one of the adjacent ECOWAS.



Coming from Lagos by road towards the small coastal country called Guinea-Bissau, all you have to do is drive to Conakry and make an easy connection to Bissau, nothing stops you. You are free as a bird because you are a member of ECOWAS.




A country made famous by tall and beautiful Africans. In the 1970s, almost all Nigerians traveled to Senegal mainly by road. There are direct buses to Senegal. Whenever you travel to Senegal, it is a must to come back with the popular Senegalese bread. It was the best gift for adults and children. Senegalese bread is a first-class West African snack.