3 Foreign films with a Nigeria scene in which the actors never had to visit the country to shoot.

Nigeria which is amongst one of the biggest countries in the world in size of the population has a population of over a 200million people who reside in the country, and also in terms of culture, heritage, music, and food Nigeria is one of the countries with the richest and most diversified cultures in the world, as it has over 250 ethnic groups with different food, music, lifestyle, etc.

Also, Nigerians in the diaspora have further helped in pushing our culture to different parts of the world, which has solely influenced certain foreign movies.

The country is regarded as the giant of Africa, and as such, the country has been depicted in scenes of numerous foreign movies as they have made a setting that portrays Nigeria by showing the happenings in the country or way of life of the people.

Here is a list of 3 films with a Nigerian scene that was never shot in Nigeria.

1 S*x Education: Season 3 of the series which was just released in September 2021 portrayed a Nigerian scene where the black actor Eric Effiong had to visit Nigeria to attend a wedding. The scene was portrayed in a normal Lagos setting with Lagos buildings inclusive. Also, Nigerian food, music, and attires were depicted in the Series. However, these scenes were made on a set in wales as the actors never had to visit Nigeria.

2 Captain America(Civil War): The movie which was released in 2016 showed the lead cast Chris Evans in a scene where he fought in a busy marketplace in Lagos Nigeria. The movie showed the busy nature of Lagos Nigeria. According to Atlanta magazineThe outdoor set was shot in Atlanta, GA, USA the Gulch. The neighborhood was transformed into a market scene as it depicts a typical market scene in Nigeria with yellow buses.

3 Black Panther: The popular film which was released in 2018 portrayed a Nigerian scene in which the lead actor Chadwick Boseman had to come to Nigeria to save some girls from the terrorist group ‘Boko-haram’. They depicted a Borno setting in sambisa forest with abducted girls in a truck. This was shot in Atalanta and South Korea as only aerial footage of Nigerians was used.

This further goes on to show that the foreign community and movies are aware of the Nigerian culture and happenings in the Country.