Actress Adunni Ade And 3 Other Nollywood Actresses Who Converted From Christianity To Islam Religion

Initially, the facial appearance and fashion life of people changes whenever they convert from one religion to another, but nowadays it seems things have changed a little. This is why there are places you go these days and meet people whom you can hardly tell what religion they are. Everyone is trying to be one and live together, not minding the religion differences.

Although we can’t really lay hold on a tangible reason why people change from one religion to another, but we have seen many people including celebrities, who left their former religion for a new one. The likes of popular Nollywood actor, Ali Nuhu, who left Islam for Christianity is not excluded.

One would think that when a lady changes from being a Christian to a Muslim, she should always be covered in her Hijab to tell people what her religion is. But today’s article focuses on 4 Nollywood actresses who converted from Christianity to Islam, and how they look afterwards.

Let’s check them out below.

1. Adunni Ade

Although the popular American-Nigerian was birthed into a Muslim family, she later converted into a Christian. On the 31st of December in the year 2016, Adunni Ade decided to change her religion back into Islam, not minding what her friends would say. The popular actress also revealed in a post in April 2020, that she feels fulfilled and happier to have returned back to Islam.

According to her, her dad gave his children the free will to believe in whatever religion they wanted to while they were growing up. Today, the pretty actress practices Islam and supports her son who also chose the same religion.

One thriving thing about this actress is that her looks still remains the same and you can hardly tell what religion she is because she is always looking like a goddess in decent clothes. Checkout some of her beautiful photos below.

2. Laide Bakare

Laide Bakare is a well known Yoruba actress who was initially a Christian until she converted to Islam when she met her rich Muslim husband called Alhaji Tunde Oriwolo, famously known as ATM. Laide Bakere is now Married to ATM as one of his wives and doing pretty well in Lagos.

Checkout some of her photos below.

3. Lizzy Anjorin

Popular Yoruba actress Lizzy Anjorin’s mother was a Muslim who converted into a Christian after she got married to her husband who was also a Christian. After the death of Lizzy’s mum, Lizzy decided to convert back into a Muslim in the year 2013.

According to her, she converted into being a Muslim because all the pastors she called unto for prayers when her mum was sick didn’t respond positively, but Alfas were the ones doing the prayers for her mother. After her conversion, Elizabeth later changed her name to Aisha.
See photos of her below.

4. Faithia Williams

Faithia Williams is another popular Yoruba actress who was birthed into a Christian family but converted into Islam many years ago. She met her Muslim boyfriend called Balogun Saheeh whom she got married to and changed her name from Faith to Faithia.

The beautiful and talented actress keeps practicing Islam. See Below some photos of Faithia Williams slaying in good fashion.

Undoubtedly, the facial looks and dress sense of these 4 actresses didn’t completely change after they became Muslims, but that is what they are, and their religion should be respected anyways. If you ask me, I’d say that the practice of one Nigeria begins with these actresses.