Checkout the latest challenge that is trending on social media (See photos)

The first time I came across this challenge, I was totally bemused and out of my wits. We Africans can\’t cease to be amazing. From one crazy challenge to another, this one has taken it to the next level and it\’s kinda discriminatory to our beautiful ladies that are abundantly endowed on the back.

So basically, the challenge is all about standing on the back of your lady while holding her hand. It is said to have originated from South Africa and it has now spread to other African countries.
Checkout some of the photos

One thing is sure, this challenge is not for slim ladies. I\’m kinda feeling bad for them cause it\’s like a challenge every crazy and adventurous couples would want to do. Don\’t feel that bad, I\’m sure there will be another challenge that wouldn\’t be body selective.

I wonder what the next challenge will be like. Probably feeding your man in the public. That will be utterly out of nuts.

Is the challenge crazy enough?

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