POS Users Be Careful. This POS Operator Was Caught Paying Customers With Fake Naira Notes.

A video has emerged on Twitter of a female POS Operator who was caught with fake naira notes which she allegedly pays to her customers who patronize her business.
In Nigeria, there is a huge need for Automated Teller Machines, however, the unavailability of ATMs and the constant insufficient funds in the machines have caused Nigeria\’s teeming population to be largely reliant on Point Of Service (POS) operators.
In the video that was posted on Twitter by @laolukong, a young lady was allegedly caught engaging in a scam with counterfeit naira notes. According to the video, the POS operator kept the counterfeit 1,000 naira notes which she paid to her unsuspecting customers who came to patronize her business. According to the illicit arrangement, unsuspecting customers made payments into her account and got paid in cash (the fake naira notes).
Many persons who reacted to the video have expressed shock in the incident. With many expressing surprise that a lady could partake in such an illicit act. Some others who were in the same line of business as the lady were angry that the lady was giving their businesses a bad name. According to one Twitter user “See how the greedy among us conspire to turn other peoples legit business into a suspicious hustle. A lot of people make a livelihood by rendering this service legitimately to people in areas not close to banks or ATMs&now people may stop patronizing them coz of these fraudsters”.

The development gives cause for concern for everyone who uses POS machines. Users of this payment service method should henceforth be extra vigilant in order not to fall victim of mischief makers.


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