Five Nollywood Actors we no longer see in movies recently

The Movie industry in Nigeria is unpredictable, many actors rise to fame while the others just fade away. The biggest stars of this year might fade away by 2022 and the next big celebrity might even be someone that is yet to be discovered.

Here are five Nollywood actors we no longer see in movies recently :

1) Emeka Enyiocha

Emeka Enyiocha was a good Nollywood actor back then, and he played his role well but it seems his time passed away as he is nowhere to be found in movies today.

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2) Bob_Manuel Udokwu

Bob_Manuel Udokwu acts very well back then , and he featured in most of Nollywood movies but he just faded away just like that.

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3) Ernest Obi

Ernest Obi featured in many Nollywood movies back then and he played his roles well , but he faded away too quick as he is no longer seen in movies today.

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4) Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme is nowhere to be found in Nollywood movies today, he was a good actor who played his role well but he just faded away.

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5) Emeka ike

Emeka ike was a Nollywood star in the early 2000s. He usually plays romantic roles in movies but he is nowhere to be found in movies today.

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This Nollywood actors no longer feature in movies today, most of them left their acting careers to pursue their dreams. We wish all of them well as they continue to make positive changes to the society. There are already vibrant young actors who has replaced them and they are doing well in the Nollywood industry.