Meet The Nollywood Actress Who Is Not On Social Media

At the contemporary time and when social media has made the world easier, It is very shocking to hear that a celebrity has decided not to own a social media account. It is known philosophically that we humans are social beings. We are born with different natures that get incorporated into our actions, how we display such actions especially online affects our relationship with people either positively or negatively. In our world today, it will be hard for people to imagine a life without social media. Left alone staying without it especially when you are in an influential position in society. However, one of the popular Nollywood actresses, Chinenye Ubah has managed to stay without social media and still maintain her popularity.

Chinenye Ubah is a Nigerian actress and model who has taken note of her social level and acted accordingly in a way that fits her as she in her own words said “l am an introvert and I can’t change it now because l am in the limelight”. It can be assumed that she is not the type that would take some of the ills we see on social media, as it could be a great disturbance to her. Hence, the actress felt it was the best idea to stay off social media. Chinenye is known for her emotional crying roles in Nollywood movies which she expresses flawlessly. She is good at what she does. The young actress is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Nollywood actresses.

Chinenye stated her reason for being off social media as she said that she wants to keep her life under wraps hence the chaotic poll of social media won’t augment the purpose. However, she has a fan page with many followers. Chinenye has shown greater interest in looking for means to grow her career.