Nigerian Celebrities Who You Probably Didn’t Know Are Cousins (Photos)

There are a lot of prominent families in Nigeria’s entertainment industry that we’re all familiar with—the Otedolas, the Adeleke’s, the Apatas, and so on—but there are also a lot of famous people that have familial ties that might surprise you. Prepare to be surprised by these celebs with family connections.

1. Kate Henshaw and Andre Blaze

Kate Henshaw, a veteran actress, is cousins with Andre Blaze, a popular Nigerian radio presenter, and TV broadcaster. Just by looking at their images side by side, you can tell they have a striking resemblance.


While Kate Henshaw is simply known as the ever-beautiful actress, Andre Blaze was once rumored to be the voice of Big Brother Nigeria.

2. Nateo C and Obi Asika

Nateo C, a well-known rapper, is cousins with Obi Asika, the CEO of Storm Music. Obi Asika is most known for being one of the judges on Nigerian Idol, which just ended. Unlike other cousins who don’t share their love on social media, these two are close and never forget to wish each other on their birthdays.

3. Queen Dima Edochie and Yul Edochie

If their matching eyes weren’t enough of a giveaway, ex-beauty queen Queen Dima Edochie and talented actor Yul Edochie are cousins. Is there evidence that their relationship is strong? Queen Dima Edochie is very close to Yul Edochie’s father, Pete Edochie, and refers to Yul Edochie as her brother.

4. Bolanle Ninalowo and Rukky Sandra


Bolanle Ninalowo and Rukky Sandra are not only celebrity siblings but also movie stars who have earned a name for themselves in Nigeria’s movie industry.