3 Nollywood Stars Who Are Not From The Hausa Tribe But Can Speak Hausa Language & How They Learnt It

There are some Nollywood Stars who can speak more than one Languages. Some of these Celebrities are not from the Hausa Tribe but they can speak Hausa Language, let’s check out three of these Actors.

Alex Ekubo

Nollywood Star, Alex Ekubo is among the Actors who can speak more than one Languages. According to Reliable Source, the Actor can speak Hausa language fluently because he attended Government College in Katsina State which is located in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Jim Iyke

Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke can also speak Hausa language fluently. According to Reliable Source, he has featured in several Hausa and Kannywood Movies and he is fluent in more than one Languages. According to reports, Jim Iyke can speak Hausa Language because he attended a University in Jos, Plateau State.

Pete Edochie

Veteran Actor, Pete Edochie is among the Actors who are fluent in different Languages. The Actor is very versatile and he can speak several Languages including the Hausa Language. According to BBC, he grew up in Zaria and he stayed in the North for some years but he relocated during the Nigerian Civil War. According to reports, the Actor has also featured in some Hausa and Kannywood Movies.