Nengi, Cardi B, Kanye West, And 2 Other Celebrities Who Have Done Liposuction

Numerous celebrities to include musicians, actors, reality TV stars etc have reportedly had liposuction. Before we continue, let’s quickly define what liposuction is. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat from the body of whoever wishes to remove such fat from their body.

Here is a list of 5 celebrities who had liposuction surgery.

1. Nengi

Former Big Brother Naija superstar in the person of Nengi once revealed to BBC during an interview that she had liposuction surgery because she wasn’t confident of her big stomach.

During the interview, Nengi also revealed that her only regret was not blogging about the surgery so that people could know. She attested that the fat she removed from her stomach was not moved to her buttocks because she wanted her body to be as natural as possible.

2. Cardi B

It was during the 2019 Beale Street Music Festival that Cardi B first revealed that she had done liposuction. Cardi B said she did liposuction to remove unwanted body fat.

Months later, during an interview, Cardi B revealed that most people think that liposuction is easy, however, it is not and the surgery comes with a lot of sacrifices. She also advised that people shouldn’t look down on those with liposuction because it takes a lot of courage to change or modify your body to your taste.

3. Kanye West

In an interview with TMZ in 2018, Kanye West revealed he had liposuction surgery. The rapper said he had the surgery because he wanted to look good for his fans and friends. He said after the liposuction, he got addicted to opioids. “I got liposuction because I didn’t want you all to call me fat”, Kanye West said during the TMZ interview.

4. Wendy Williams

In 2015, Wendy Williams revealed that she had done liposuction and a tummy tuck to have a weight loss. The TV host also shared that she disliked the fat in her stomach and the thought of getting too fat haunted her so much that she had to give in to liposuction in other to get rid of the unnecessary fat in her body.

5. Chrissy Teigen

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Chrissy Teigen had once revealed that she had gotten liposuction to remove the unwanted fat from her armpits. She revealed this during an event in 2017. The model also confirmed that the fat she removed from her armpits added two inches of length to her arms. According to Teigen, she might go for another surgery because the fat is coming back.