Six Teenage Actresses Who Are Making Waves In The Nollywood Industry.

The Nigerian Nollywood industry is growing with every passing day and is giving good competition to the upcoming actresses. These young actresses have been successfully following the footsteps of their predecessors even in their young ages, they have won the heart of so many Nigerians with their remarkable performance and their ability to adapt to any given role.

Here are some of the teenage actresses that are making waves in the Nollywood business.

Mercy Kenneth

Mercy Kenneth is a talented and beautiful teenage actress, she was born on 9th April 2009. She is popularly known for playing the role of a kid in several Nollywood movies. Aside from acting, she is also a comedian and a singer who often addresses herself as a “Smart Kid”. She has been rated as one of the fastest-rising Nollywood child actresses and has been nominated for several awards.

Pearl Shim Mugala

Pearl Shim Biography, Age, Height, Parents and Career

Pearl Shim Mugala is another talented fast-rising child actress in Nigeria, she is popularly known as Little Daniella of Soul Mate Studios. Pearl was born on 27th June 2008. She has been featured in over 15 movies as the main character. The 13 years old actress has made a lot of impact in the Nollywood industry.

Chinenye Oguike

Chinenye is one of the most beautiful teenage actresses in Nigeria. She was born on 11th November 2011. Chinenye became famous in 2017 after featuring in the Soul Mate Studio movie, “My Kids And I”. She is one of the fast-rising teenage actresses in Nigeria.

Chidinma Oguike

Chidinma is another fast-rising teenage actress in Nigeria, she was born on 17th August 2009. She is the eldest sister of Chinenye and junior sister to Chisom, she often acts alongside her sisters.

Chisom Oguike

She is one of the most beautiful teenage actresses in Nigeria, she was born on 1st January 2008. She is the eldest sister of Chidinma and Chinenye. She is one of the raining kid actresses in Nigeria, she currently has over 82,000 followers on Instagram.

Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze is one of the most beautiful and talented teenage actresses in Nigeria. She was born on 2nd September 2008. She has featured in over 50 movies as a child actress. Adaeze contested and won the face of Anambra’s most beautiful kid in 2018.